With Viralheat’s comprehensive tool you can monitor the conversations about your brand across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, URLs, and videos. Create Smart Streams for your social channels and identify trends to drive insights around your social media performance.

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Brand Management

Viralheat allows you to monitor conversations in real-time so you can understand what’s being said, where the conversations are taking place, who is leading the conversation, and how to best engage with your audiences. Learn More »

Competitive Analysis

Viralheat's competitive monitoring and analysis features keep you ahead of your competition. Understand competitors' performance on social media, monitor conversations about your competitors and even track campaign performance. Learn More »

Reputation Management

Every day consumers are voicing their opinions about brands, products and services through social media. These conversations shape the public perception of your brand and products. Listen to what is being said so that you can react appropriately. Learn more »

Data APIs

With Viralheat's powerful API’s you can embed social media intelligence into your applications. The API is designed to make it possible for you to access and integrate social media data into your applications, aggregating data from numerous social media properties into a single, platform-specific stream. Learn more »