Flint 2.0 is now available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Start sharing and engaging today!




Account Selection

Select one or multiple of your connected social accounts to publish to, including cross-channel publishing to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Rich Media Integration

Drag and drop images into your posts for more compelling content.

URL Shortening

Adding a link to your post? Bit.ly integration allows for automatic shortening, with the option to toggle back to the full length URL.

Scheduled Publishing

Create and schedule posts at your convenience, with selectors for date, time, and time zone. Intuitive interface makes scheduling simple.

Post Preview

Review and edit text before posting to Facebook. Update image selection, title, and description.

Account Filtering

Filter accounts by platform for faster sorting and selection.

Group Publishing

Post to multiple social media accounts by designating accounts to specific groups and choosing which group to post to when sharing updates.

Geographic Targeting

Target Facebook audiences based on location. Select a city, state, or region for more accurate audience segmenting based on content.

Publishing History

Keep track of scheduled and sent posts created through your Viralheat dashboard to review at a later time.

Supported Platforms

Share with your followers, fans, connections, and circles.

Benefits of Flint

  • Flint 2.0 helps businesses share content more easily and manage their social media engagement. With Flint 2.0 you can:
  • Increase engagement from followers and connections across all connected social media accounts.
  • Expand your social influence by positioning yourself as a thought leader or expert.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your site through shared content.
  • Maintain a consistent social network presence.

Simultaneously publish content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts from any page in Chrome, Firefox, andSafari. Share articles, stories, links, photos, etc. using all of Viralheat’s advanced publishing capabilities including: scheduled messages, URL shortening, rich media integration, Facebook targeting, message preview, and more.