How To Deal With Negative Reviews


If you’re a business owner, your work is your baby. It’s your blood, sweat and tears. It’s years of hard work and something you want to keep going for lifetimes to come. All that starts to fall apart when you see a negative review. In fact, any criticism is seen as a personal affront. And it hurts. No matter how much it hurts, every negative review is an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, your business and how … continue reading »

‘Content is King’ but Which Type Reigns Supreme?


March 10, 2014
Content Marketing, Social Media

Navigating the plethora of web and social content today is like diving into a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit- looking for a few specific balls! Alright, that was a super corny opener meant to grab your attention by playing on nostalgic, childhood memories. But explaining the search for quality content in this way does have validity. As more and more companies emphasize content marketing, the amount of content online is only going to increase. In some ways, this is good … continue reading »

News & Social: The Russia, Ukraine Conflict


So if you’ve opened up the newspaper (or more likely, read the news online) you have probably come across an article about the recent hulabaloo in Russia. If you didn’t catch the drama as it unfolded, you may be scratching your head as to what is happening. There’s a huge amount of analysis and not an easy way to get an ‘at a glance’ view of the situation. That’s why I spent a lot of time learning about this newsworthy … continue reading »

Blog with Purpose


March 6, 2014

As an additional channel for brands to engage with audiences, the blog is, and should be, a lead-generating, prospect-converting, revenue-driving workhorse. You should be able to clearly identify why you blog, what you post, and what key performance indicators you will used to measure your success. Lacking this clear vision, you may be wasting time and resources developing content that will not contribute to improving bottom line or supporting future customers. This article will deconstruct the blog strategy as a … continue reading »

How Social Media and Big Data Improve Emergency Relief


March 5, 2014
Big Data, Social Media

Large-scale emergencies and natural disasters are by nature chaotic. Relief efforts must rely on past experience, information available about the situation and, ultimately, a lot of guess work in order to rescue those in danger, supply food and water, and restore the necessary infrastructure. In order to improve response times and better focus rescue efforts where they are needed most, emergency responders have started turning to social media and other forms of big data to gain a better picture of … continue reading »

Are you a bad blogger?


March 4, 2014
Blogging, Social Media

If you’re a blogger, you want to be a good blogger, right? You didn’t start your blog to be bad, you started it because you had something to say, a hobby, or you thought it was the cool social media thing to do. Either way, you want to be good at it. Your friends and family will tell you it’s an awesome blog because they have to. Your haters will be a bit more vocal and actually tell it like … continue reading »

How to Use Social Media to Strengthen Partnerships

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.01.24 AM

March 3, 2014
Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

So, your business is growing and thriving. As you grow, you want to make sure your partnerships with other business are growing and thriving too. Your blog managers are likely already conversing with others via email. You are exchanging blog posts and valuable content for each other’s readers, but that’s about it. How can you strengthen these partnerships between companies as a whole, in an efficient and effective way? You could spend more time emailing each other, or you could … continue reading »

How Big Data & Social Made House of Cards a Hit


February 28, 2014
Big Data, Events, Marketing, People

Have you caught up on the newest season of House of Cards? No? Well what are you waiting for? Go watch it right now, it’s all on Netflix- and it’s great. All caught up? Good. For those who won’t bother watching- one of the most popular television shows out now, House of Cards, combines immediacy, amazing writing and actors, and big data to create a truly amazing television experience. Indeed, this perfect formula for a TV show is just that- … continue reading »

Workflow in Social Media Management Teams


When managing multiple accounts in a single social media management platform, it can be difficult to assign and track tasks–whether that is across teams or products within a brand. That’s where workflow comes in: by enabling you to create a scalable structure reflecting your business and team needs, workflow helps you assign specific tasks and permissions to users in the platform. This post will cover the common workflow themes running throughout SMM platforms. Organizations A first step in managing your … continue reading »

How Ready Are We for Social Banking?


February 26, 2014
Facebook, Marketing

In 2012, New Zealand bank ASB significantly updated its ASB Mobile provision for iOS and Android with email and mobile payment options. This update also delivered a New Zealand first: Facebook Friend payments. It made ASB one of the first banks to leverage social media and, specifically, Facebook to deliver banking services. Given that one sixth of the world’s population are now active monthly Facebook users, why has the rest of the banking industry been so slow to follow suit? … continue reading »