How-To: Enterprise Social Media Marketing


April 10, 2014
Facebook, Social Media, Twitter

You need to be on social media. Social media gurus keep telling us it’s the premier marketing and CRM platform. Use it to drive leads and increase conversions and web traffic, they say. They measure performance with something called social ROI, which is largely abstract and elusive. Without a social media management tool, which will be covered in the conclusion of this post, enterprises are left groping for evidence substantiating a social media marketing budget. Social media is not the … continue reading »

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses


April 8, 2014
Social Media

As a small business owner, especially in this economy, you’re probably struggling with limitations like financial resources, a lack of exposure, and not enough time in the day to get everything done. Taking on more responsibility or adding something else to the mix just sounds impossible, even though you know it’s absolutely vital to the success of your business. For many small business owners, the thought of managing social media accounts is overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s … continue reading »

How-to: Enterprise Social Media Marketing


Enterprises have begun to understand the value of social media marketing for engaging with customers, driving marketing campaigns, and increasing long-term revenue. However, with multiple social platforms to choose from, which platform works best for your brand? This post will offer an introduction and best-use case for each two of the largest social media networks: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook With over 1B active users, Facebook remains the most popular social network. A recent study, however, showed that teens and young … continue reading »

The Value of Social Media Marketing

Advantages of SMO

April 1, 2014
Marketing, Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic and conversions through social media.  Social media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages (140 characters or less) with others within a rapidly moving timeline. Facebook, in contrast, is a full blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events, and … continue reading »

The Social Media Management of Tomorrow


As an enterprise, are you extracting meaningful data (as in additional revenue or market insights) from your social efforts? Are you aggregating this data and using it to drive lead-generation and conversions? If not, then your social has fallen into soft market speak (i.e. social builds “relationships,” it makes customers feel “heard”). This post will examine enterprise social media management as it is. Then, it will move to the social media management of tomorrow and show enterprises how they can … continue reading »

Why Your Facebook Organic Reach is Down and What You Can Do About It


March 25, 2014
Facebook, Social Media

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on your Facebook Page insights lately, you make have noticed that your organic reach is down, more so than past six months. The bad news is, it’s going to keep plummeting. Don’t be shocked if it falls down to 1-2%. That means, if you have 1,000 likes, only 10-20 of those fans will see your posts. Yikes! Facebook Pages for business launched in 2007 and since then, it’s been a constant struggle for … continue reading »

Your Facebook Page is about to change, here’s what you need to know


March 18, 2014
Facebook, Social Media

Following the announcement of a revamped News Feed, Facebook last week said it would introduce a streamlined look for Pages. Announced March 10th, redesigned pages will change the appearance for visitors and admins. The new look is rolling out on desktop initially and will display content in a single stream, while admins will lose Page tabs. The most immediate change will be the way the pag­e is set up. Remember the two-column view? That will now change to a single-column view and … continue reading »

Meat-and-Potatoes Editorial Calendar


March 12, 2014
Marketing, Social Media

With a plethora of editorial calendar templates available, we wanted to gift our customers and readers with a basic, nuts-and-bolts, meat-and-potatoes template. Sometimes, with all the confusion of managing a social presence, we need a straightforward solution to organizing and scheduling future posts–no bells and whistles. So for those of you who are tired of the color-coding and scrolling through numerous tabs, you may download the Viralheat Social Media Editorial Calendar. The file is split into weekly sections. We have … continue reading »

Zendesk Integrates with Viralheat


March 11, 2014
Customers, Social Media

Social media has become the standard for digital conversations. From opinions and critiques to questions and problems, gone are the days of emailing a business and waiting for a response. Users today find that the easiest and most effective way to demand satisfaction is through social. This is no surprise, as the response time alone is much faster via social media than other channels. Not only that, the business has no ability to ignore you, as your voice is heard … continue reading »

How To Deal With Negative Reviews


If you’re a business owner, your work is your baby. It’s your blood, sweat and tears. It’s years of hard work and something you want to keep going for lifetimes to come. All that starts to fall apart when you see a negative review. In fact, any criticism is seen as a personal affront. And it hurts. No matter how much it hurts, every negative review is an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, your business and how … continue reading »