Make Your Social Account Work for You: Pinterest Edition


December 20, 2013
Content Marketing, Pinterest, Social Media

For those of you who are new to Pinterest, it can be a lot to wrap your head around. Don’t worry, many individuals are new to social networks and join them every day. When it comes to generating interest in your blog or business, Pinterest is an invaluable asset. Here are a few useful methods you should keep in mind to get the most out of your Pinterest account.   Look Around, Get Inspired When you move to a new town, what … continue reading »

What Will Social Media Be Like in Year 2015?

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.30.38 AM

Social media is no stranger to change. The web-phenomenon is constantly evolving and we see new trends, attitudes, platforms, and technologies affecting it everyday. As someone who has held several roles in digital marketing including: community management, SEO, and content marketing. I have never been more excited to see the spectrum of possibilities that social networks can take our industry. Below are some of the trends I hope to see happen in the near future. Multiple Hyper-Connected Clusters Become the Norm  … continue reading »

Pinterest Place Pins and How Your Brand Can Use Them


December 17, 2013
Pinterest, Social Media

Believe it or not, Pinterest is becoming a social network that you should pay attention to and possibly include in your social media strategy if you haven’t done so already. What started off as a pretty place to browse photos and “pin” them to various boards has turned into a major force to be reckoned with especially with the way it keeps expanding. Just recently, Pinterest announced Place Pins and the web has been a buzz about this new development … continue reading »

10 Smart Ways to Increase Online Sales through Social Media


It’s the holiday season, and smart retailers aren’t just advertising their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on television. They are also coming up with social media strategies to increase online sales throughout the remainder of the year. Social is bigger than ever, and you’re guaranteed to reach thousands, if not millions, of people with a few well-placed posts. It’s also a lot cheaper to run a social media promotion than it is to invest in offline media. Even a … continue reading »

What Social Media Analytics Matter

Analyze your social impact.

Social media has become one of the biggest branding tools in business. It’s turned the historic and effective marketing tool of “word-of-mouth” into a much more complex strategy. A ‘like’, a mention, a follow or a share can now completely change how someone views a specific business or person. According to a report from Technology in Business, 82% of people say the posts their friends make on social media influence their purchases while 78% of consumers say posts made by … continue reading »

4 Killer Pinterest Brand Campaigns


October 7, 2013
Marketing, Pinterest, Social Media

Have you heard of the latest social media craze that’s taking the Internet by storm? Pinterest, the image-based social network, appeals to all different types of creative projects. It has attracted droves of users because of its fun, captivating content. This tool allows you to present your product without excessive words or copy, allowing the visual allure of the product to capture the audience’s attention. Because of this simplicity, companies are now turning to Pinterest to reach their audiences, adding … continue reading »

Pinterest Announces Promoted Pins


September 24, 2013
Pinterest, Social Media

It’s no surprise that the site popular with foodies, crafters, and brides has just recently announced that it’s delving into the world of advertising with promoted pins. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, promoted pins will give individuals and businesses the opportunity to hightlight a pin and have it show up on top of search results and category feeds. At this point, Pinterest has promised that promoted pins will be tasteful, transparent, and relevant and there won’t be any flashy banners … continue reading »

6 Reasons People Use Pinterest


September 5, 2013
Customers, Marketing, Pinterest

6 Reasons People Use Pinterest Want to reach potential customers on Pinterest? Start by knowing why they are there.  People come to Pinterest for different reasons, and when you understand their motivations, you understand how to connect with them. With that in mind, here are six of the most common reasons people are on Pinterest today. Use this list to guide your understanding and boost your business! Reason #1: As an Internet Bookmarker The initial appeal of Pinterest is similar … continue reading »

A closer look at Pinterest Analytics


August 12, 2013

Earlier this spring, Pinterest announced the new Pinterest for Business website with advanced features to help brands identify and impact of the pinboard site. A major feature, Analytics, was noticeably absent in the early days of Pinterest and the only available metric to track was referral traffic to one’s website. While traffic and sales are important metrics to measure, Pinterest can benefit brands in many other ways that general traffic can’t measure; things like colors and styles that are most … continue reading »

Understanding the Unique Benefits of Each Social Platform


Does it irk you when you see a hashtag used on Facebook or a tweet saying saying “like” in response to another tweet? You may find these harmless antics annoying if you understand the unique benefits of each social platforms. Why would something so simple be annoying? That’s because they are actions appropriate for other social networks and not the ones discussed above. A hashtag is a perfectly acceptable action on Twitter or Instagram but not on Facebook (at least … continue reading »