Google Analytics: Metrics to Improve your Website


December 2, 2013
#MetricsChat, Google Analytics, SEO

You’ve just invested in a snazzy, new web interface and now you’re wondering who’s engaging with it and how they’re navigating your pages. Google Analytics can pinpoint your users’ profiles – from when and where they visit to how long they spend browsing your pages – so that you can target content, blog posts, pictures, and videos specifically to their interests. Below, you’ll find a beginners’ guide to navigating the metrics platform and suggestions on how to convert real-time, website … continue reading »

The New Facebook Insights: What’s new

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Facebook recently rolled out an updated Insights platform, with features that can do everything from aggregating engagement metrics to demystifying your page users. The pilot began earlier this year, allowing select page managers to utilize the new metrics system, and the social media giant fully extended the new Facebook Insights service to some 50 million page-managers in early October. Here, we’ll investigate some of the new features and explore the conclusions social media professionals can draw from available data to … continue reading »

Google Analytics’s “not provided”


Previously known for its accessibility to track keywords and monitor site traffic data, Google Analytics’s “not provided” issues promise to increase. The Cause: Privacy In an effort to protect the privacy of their users, Google developed secure searches for Google Analytics. Originally, Google informed its Analytics users of the change by suggesting that only a small percent of keywords would be affected by the “not provided” issue when looking at the overall outcomes and data for organic searches. However, there … continue reading »

#MetricsChat Recap

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February 14, 2013

Every Tuesday evening #MetricsChat gathers on Twitter to discuss topics surrounding marketing, analytics, and rising trends in the social space. This week we covered sentiment for marketing with special guest Roni Leibovitch from Marketing Associates headquartered in Detroit, MI. Q1. In you opinion, why is social sentiment important to marketing? A1. Not everyone is happy with your product; sentiment allows to identify negative (&positive) and treat them unique #MetricsChat @macroneus A1. pt2: also, as things progress to real-time it’s humanly … continue reading »

[Recap] #MetricsChat 1/22/13


January 23, 2013

Last night we hosted our third Metrics Chat and we’re happy to say that the chats are quickly growing!  Over the past three weeks our audience has more than doubled and our engagement during the chat has skyrocketed. Last night’s chat was dedicated to Google Analytics and website analytics and  featured guest Victor Nagornyy (V1ktor), WordPress lead generator and marketing automator extraordinaire.  From the get-go, the chatter was lively, the questions were flowing, and the audience was even chiming in with … continue reading »

[Recap] #MetricsChat 1/9 and 1/15

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January 16, 2013
#MetricsChat, Twitter

At the beginning of the New Year Viralheat’s first ever #MetricsChat kicked off with a bang. Serving as a space for the analytics and metrics community to come together on Twitter and share their insight #MetricsChat now has two successful weeks of chatting behind us. Our first guest on January 9 was Kevin Mullett of Cirrus ABS. He joined us to speak about SEO Metrics and what he finds as essential metrics to track as a business owner with a … continue reading »