Building Your Brand with Google Helpouts


January 3, 2014
Google+, Marketing

Once again, Google is offering a better way for its Google+ users to connect with one another. Helpouts, an extension of Google Hangouts, offers users a streamlined way to get answers to questions by asking real people in real time. While seeking answers to questions has long been a regular task on the internet, Google is now offering a more human way to do so. For business owners and those seeking to grow their personal brands, Google Helpouts isn’t just … continue reading »

What Social Media Analytics Matter

Analyze your social impact.

Social media has become one of the biggest branding tools in business. It’s turned the historic and effective marketing tool of “word-of-mouth” into a much more complex strategy. A ‘like’, a mention, a follow or a share can now completely change how someone views a specific business or person. According to a report from Technology in Business, 82% of people say the posts their friends make on social media influence their purchases while 78% of consumers say posts made by … continue reading »

Driving Social ROI with an Integrated Marketing Approach – Webinar Recap

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.21.17 AM

By now you’re already using social media as part of your marketing efforts. The question is where do you go from here? Can you get more from social media? How do you make it measureable? How do you use social media to drive real revenue for your business? Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with two of the industries most knowledgable experts on the subject of driving social ROI – Jason Miller, Senior Manager of Content Marketing … continue reading »

Social Media Strategy – Don’t Share These Things Online


I don’t know about you but my social news feeds are full of friends reaching news levels on Candy Crush Saga (or their frustration with a level they’re stuck on), their daily personal drama, what’s going on at their place of work, what they ate that day, or where they’re currently at or what they’re watching thanks to Foursquare and GetGlue. Some of it I don’t mind. The rest I couldn’t care less about. Over the years, social networking platforms … continue reading »

How to Grow Your Audience Through Social Media


Some businesses have an engaged and captive audience and, as a result, a thriving social media presence. Yet there are still many companies who don’t, especially in the B2B industry. Thankfully social media gives B2B bloggers, writers, and industry experts the tools to help boost interest in their brand. The truly difficult aspect of social media is knowing how to use the various platforms to target different audiences. Here are some methods to gain viewership across the different social networks. … continue reading »

Don’t forget the “social” in social media


Businesses, big or small, understand that they need some sort of presence on social media. They’re slowly coming to realize it’s a great marketing tool or an added benefit to an existing marketing strategy. However, as most companies put together their social media plans, sign up for social media networks, etc, they forget one key element: the social part of social media. It’s a great idea to start sharing content but that’s not the only part of the plan you … continue reading »

Viralheat Offers Flexible Reporting and Bulk Scheduling


Viralheat is happy to announce two new updates to our dashboard – flexible reporting and bulk scheduling! Bulk Scheduling Viralheat takes scheduled publishing to the next level!  We understand how important it is to keep a constant, engaged presence on your social networks but also know how time consuming it can be.  Our new bulk scheduling option allows users to upload a .csv file of up to 200 posts into Viralheat’s scheduler.  Customize your posts with a number of options: … continue reading »

Implementing Google+ Into Your Business Marketing Plan – What You Need to Know


August 16, 2013

When Google announced that they would be releasing a new social media platform in June 2011, people started to pay attention.  Some were weary of the idea, with the memory of Google Buzz’s flop still fresh in their minds.  However, the invite-only approach to Google+ created an insane demand for invitations, making people eager for their chance to join. Today Google+ is open to anyone and with over 500 million registered users (359 million of whom are active), it the … continue reading »

How to write content that ranks high on Google


July 23, 2013
Google+, Social Media

SEO: a big scary word (depending on who you ask) that makes all writers cringe when they sit down to compose their works of art. Do you write for yourself, for your audience, or the search engine algorithm? Secretly, you’re trying to fill up that blog post with as much meta data as it can absorb – keywords, photo tags, etc all in hopes that someone will find it, read it, and share it all while forgetting that once it’s … continue reading »

Insiders Guide to Podcasts, Google+ Hangouts, and Beyond


July 11, 2013
Google+, Guest Authors, Marketing

Podcasting offers the opportunity to bring in additional traffic to your site, showcase your ability to master speaking engagements and can also be beneficial when developing relationships with influential individuals. However, despite the historic success that a podcast can bring a brand, it also yields the limitation of being a strictly audio format. Remedying this is as simple as Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts are putting a new “face” on podcasting, offering a platform with all the traditional features of a podcast … continue reading »