Get more for your money with Facebook’s new ad redesign


April 15, 2014

You may have noticed that Facebook’s been making headlines lately with all of their redesigns. While you’ve been preoccupied with changes to your news feeds, you might have missed a significant change to the side of your news feed called the “right-hand rail.” For a while, the right-hand rail has  been overlooked and regarded as secondary real estate in favor of the news feed which is like the Times Square of news feeds. Ads that runs on the right-hand rail … continue reading »

How-To: Enterprise Social Media Marketing


April 10, 2014
Facebook, Social Media, Twitter

You need to be on social media. Social media gurus keep telling us it’s the premier marketing and CRM platform. Use it to drive leads and increase conversions and web traffic, they say. They measure performance with something called social ROI, which is largely abstract and elusive. Without a social media management tool, which will be covered in the conclusion of this post, enterprises are left groping for evidence substantiating a social media marketing budget. Social media is not the … continue reading »

How-to: Enterprise Social Media Marketing


Enterprises have begun to understand the value of social media marketing for engaging with customers, driving marketing campaigns, and increasing long-term revenue. However, with multiple social platforms to choose from, which platform works best for your brand? This post will offer an introduction and best-use case for each two of the largest social media networks: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook With over 1B active users, Facebook remains the most popular social network. A recent study, however, showed that teens and young … continue reading »

Why Your Facebook Organic Reach is Down and What You Can Do About It


March 25, 2014
Facebook, Social Media

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on your Facebook Page insights lately, you make have noticed that your organic reach is down, more so than past six months. The bad news is, it’s going to keep plummeting. Don’t be shocked if it falls down to 1-2%. That means, if you have 1,000 likes, only 10-20 of those fans will see your posts. Yikes! Facebook Pages for business launched in 2007 and since then, it’s been a constant struggle for … continue reading »

Your Facebook Page is about to change, here’s what you need to know


March 18, 2014
Facebook, Social Media

Following the announcement of a revamped News Feed, Facebook last week said it would introduce a streamlined look for Pages. Announced March 10th, redesigned pages will change the appearance for visitors and admins. The new look is rolling out on desktop initially and will display content in a single stream, while admins will lose Page tabs. The most immediate change will be the way the pag­e is set up. Remember the two-column view? That will now change to a single-column view and … continue reading »

How Ready Are We for Social Banking?


February 26, 2014
Facebook, Marketing

In 2012, New Zealand bank ASB significantly updated its ASB Mobile provision for iOS and Android with email and mobile payment options. This update also delivered a New Zealand first: Facebook Friend payments. It made ASB one of the first banks to leverage social media and, specifically, Facebook to deliver banking services. Given that one sixth of the world’s population are now active monthly Facebook users, why has the rest of the banking industry been so slow to follow suit? … continue reading »

The Top 3: Social Media Round up


February 21, 2014
Current Events, Events, Facebook, SnapChat, Social Media

Been living under a rock this week? If so, then you have missed plenty of buzz on social media; from updates on the Olympics, to new TV hosts, to huge waves being made in the tech industry. All of these topics have been discussed about, in-length, with dozens of articles being written across dozens of websites. But who has the time to keep up with all of it? Luckily, if you have been out of the loop for the last … continue reading »

Fake Facebook Likes


February 13, 2014
Customers, Engagement, Facebook

Those of us working in tech are constantly learning and adapting to the newest technologies. This is the foundation of our disruptive culture: we venture out into, as Joseph Campbell said in a six-hour PBS series with Bill Moyers, “the dark forest … of original experience” where there are no pre-existing scaffolds to support our vision. The flipside, however, is that asked to quantify our success we look behind us instead of forward. Take a company’s Facebook page, for instance. … continue reading »

Make Your Social Account Work for You: Facebook Edition


February 12, 2014
Facebook, Marketing, Social Media

When it comes to social media, Facebook is the most popular, widely used network. Facebook has over 1.3 billion active monthly users from all around the world — that’s almost a fifth of the global population. Despite the emergence of other social networks like Twitter and Pinterest, Facebook also continues to grow. According to, the number of Facebook users increased by 22% between 2012 and 2013. Given the size and popularity of the site, businesses have plenty of opportunities … continue reading »

Facebook Paper App: Yay or Nay?


February 4, 2014
Facebook, Social Media

Facebook has been hinting at something new for a while and lucky for us (social media managers that is), it’s not another change to the Facebook platform or its algorithm. Instead, it’s something entirely different. Yesterday morning, Facebook officially launched a new app titled “Paper,” the first release from the new Facebook Creative Lab studios (which is an independent Facebook startup). Facebook’s new standalone app is only available for iOS, which is a first, since Zuckerberg usually tends to prefer … continue reading »