Zendesk And Social – The New Customer Service


March 20, 2014
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Customer service is an incredibly important part of a business strategy. We all remember when we’ve received bad customer service, whether at a restaurant or department store, and the feeling of being treated poorly by an employee can seriously tarnish the reputation of that business. When you have a problem with a product, often you will have to drive to the store you bought it from and ask a potentially unknowledgeable person to help you. Even at its most passive, … continue reading »

How To Deal With Negative Reviews


If you’re a business owner, your work is your baby. It’s your blood, sweat and tears. It’s years of hard work and something you want to keep going for lifetimes to come. All that starts to fall apart when you see a negative review. In fact, any criticism is seen as a personal affront. And it hurts. No matter how much it hurts, every negative review is an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, your business and how … continue reading »

Fake Facebook Likes


February 13, 2014
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Those of us working in tech are constantly learning and adapting to the newest technologies. This is the foundation of our disruptive culture: we venture out into, as Joseph Campbell said in a six-hour PBS series with Bill Moyers, “the dark forest … of original experience” where there are no pre-existing scaffolds to support our vision. The flipside, however, is that asked to quantify our success we look behind us instead of forward. Take a company’s Facebook page, for instance. … continue reading »

The Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII … at least if it were up to social media


It’s that time of year again! Time for another Super Bowl Sunday (which teetered on the potential of being the first ever Super Bowl Monday). It doesn’t matter if you love or hate football, watch for the game or for the commercials or for the halftime show, or try to avoid the showdown all together… You KNOW that this Sunday marks the most watched event of the year in the United States. The chatter begins two weeks prior to the … continue reading »

Tips On Mobile Friendly Email Marketing


January 22, 2014
Engagement, How To, Marketing

It is a universal truth of business that the merits of a product mean nothing. It’s true and you know it. It’s marketing that sells, not quality. Sure, it would be great if the marketing effort is  supported by a quality product or a service without inflating production costs, but it’s definitely secondary. If you don’t advertise yourself, you aren’t going to be very successful. That’s why companies all over the world, big and small, pour large sums of money … continue reading »

What Social Media Analytics Matter

Analyze your social impact.

Social media has become one of the biggest branding tools in business. It’s turned the historic and effective marketing tool of “word-of-mouth” into a much more complex strategy. A ‘like’, a mention, a follow or a share can now completely change how someone views a specific business or person. According to a report from Technology in Business, 82% of people say the posts their friends make on social media influence their purchases while 78% of consumers say posts made by … continue reading »

How To Get More Social Shares – Like The Pro’s Do


I’ve had the problem, too.  In fact, we all have at some time or another.  We start a blog, start producing content, and put in an incredible about of time… then what happens? Nobody shares our content! It can be incredibly demotivating and almost seems like some sort of forbidden fruit.  But, today I have a ray of hope for you.  I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m going to help you get … continue reading »

How to Find Great Content for Your Social Networks


November 27, 2013
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Creative juices running low recently? Don’t worry. You’re not alone and it doesn’t make you any less of a social media manager. We all have some down time and need new sources for content. Curating content is a vital role and something that most people don’t understand about being a social media manager. It’s usually the hardest thing to do. How do you keep it fresh, relevant and engaging?  What are your friends sharing? Believe it or not, your friends … continue reading »

The New Facebook Insights: What’s new

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 2.46.40 PM

Facebook recently rolled out an updated Insights platform, with features that can do everything from aggregating engagement metrics to demystifying your page users. The pilot began earlier this year, allowing select page managers to utilize the new metrics system, and the social media giant fully extended the new Facebook Insights service to some 50 million page-managers in early October. Here, we’ll investigate some of the new features and explore the conclusions social media professionals can draw from available data to … continue reading »

Driving Social ROI with an Integrated Marketing Approach – Webinar Recap

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By now you’re already using social media as part of your marketing efforts. The question is where do you go from here? Can you get more from social media? How do you make it measureable? How do you use social media to drive real revenue for your business? Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with two of the industries most knowledgable experts on the subject of driving social ROI – Jason Miller, Senior Manager of Content Marketing … continue reading »