Zendesk And Social – The New Customer Service


March 20, 2014
Customers, Engagement

Customer service is an incredibly important part of a business strategy. We all remember when we’ve received bad customer service, whether at a restaurant or department store, and the feeling of being treated poorly by an employee can seriously tarnish the reputation of that business. When you have a problem with a product, often you will have to drive to the store you bought it from and ask a potentially unknowledgeable person to help you. Even at its most passive, … continue reading »

Zendesk Integrates with Viralheat


March 11, 2014
Customers, Social Media

Social media has become the standard for digital conversations. From opinions and critiques to questions and problems, gone are the days of emailing a business and waiting for a response. Users today find that the easiest and most effective way to demand satisfaction is through social. This is no surprise, as the response time alone is much faster via social media than other channels. Not only that, the business has no ability to ignore you, as your voice is heard … continue reading »

How To Deal With Negative Reviews


If you’re a business owner, your work is your baby. It’s your blood, sweat and tears. It’s years of hard work and something you want to keep going for lifetimes to come. All that starts to fall apart when you see a negative review. In fact, any criticism is seen as a personal affront. And it hurts. No matter how much it hurts, every negative review is an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, your business and how … continue reading »

Top-5 Social Media Management Features for Agencies


When agencies work on behalf of brands, they face the same challenges as individual brands – reputation management, crisis mitigation, and other social marketing hurdles. However, they do so on a much larger scale because they are entrusted with managing tens, even hundreds of brands. Social media management (SMM) agencies need access to features such as bulk-uploading, managing multiple accounts, and more. And because agencies represent such a large portion of the Viralheat customer base, we thought we’d provide a … continue reading »

Fake Facebook Likes


February 13, 2014
Customers, Engagement, Facebook

Those of us working in tech are constantly learning and adapting to the newest technologies. This is the foundation of our disruptive culture: we venture out into, as Joseph Campbell said in a six-hour PBS series with Bill Moyers, “the dark forest … of original experience” where there are no pre-existing scaffolds to support our vision. The flipside, however, is that asked to quantify our success we look behind us instead of forward. Take a company’s Facebook page, for instance. … continue reading »

Business Guide to Valentine’s Day


February 6, 2014

Valentine’s Day is barely a week away. Maybe you’ve been pitching 15 percent-off online purchases or negotiated a deal with florists around the nation to bring local flowers to your customers. Whatever special you’ve prepared to get customers through Valentine’s Day, they aren’t fooled. Consumers have caught on to the fact that Valentine’s Day is more about businesses than it is about intimate relationships. They know your social media strategy incorporates commodifying their relationship, and they will not be so … continue reading »

The Art Of Customer ‘Self’-Service: Helping Customers Help Themselves


January 15, 2014
Customers, Social Media

As the retail industry grows, customers too are becoming increasingly shopper-savvy when it comes to finding the best deals. They are persistent in letting suppliers know what they want, and even being prepared to solve their own consumer problems in the event of a crisis. This in turn is helping to shape a new realm of customer service, one in which the role of the company becomes minimal and the customer is in the driver’s seat when it comes to … continue reading »

Best Practices for Social Media Customer Support

social customer care-1

These days, everything has gone ‘social’ and customer service is no exception. It’s easier than ever for customers to reach companies quickly…and publicly. When faced with an issue, many immediately turn to social media to get their issues resolved–myself included. Why do I do this? Well, I know that if I tweet an issue at a company, they will want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to avoid any bad press. As someone who has been on both … continue reading »

How to Track Conversions On Your Website Better Than Before


January 2, 2014
Customers, Marketing, ROI

When it comes to marketing your website, how you track results is extremely important. There are a number of different metrics that you can measure to get a handle on how well your site is performing, these include: Organic search rankings Traffic Links from referring domains Engagement factors (social shares, blog comments) It seems like a sizable chunk of the marketing community is completely obsessed with how they rank in Google and link building. The truth is, this metric is … continue reading »

5 Crucial Tactics for Marketing a Start-up with Minimal Budget


The majority of new businesses fail within the first two years – fact. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, but one of the biggest is the constant tug-o-war between cash flow and marketing.  Marketing is notoriously expensive and when your business is a start-up, you might not have the funds to drive your marketing effort forward. Fortunately, there are marketing tactics that won’t get you into financial trouble. Here are some marketing efforts that wont break the … continue reading »