Blog with Purpose


March 6, 2014

As an additional channel for brands to engage with audiences, the blog is, and should be, a lead-generating, prospect-converting, revenue-driving workhorse. You should be able to clearly identify why you blog, what you post, and what key performance indicators you will used to measure your success. Lacking this clear vision, you may be wasting time and resources developing content that will not contribute to improving bottom line or supporting future customers. This article will deconstruct the blog strategy as a … continue reading »

Are you a bad blogger?


March 4, 2014
Blogging, Social Media

If you’re a blogger, you want to be a good blogger, right? You didn’t start your blog to be bad, you started it because you had something to say, a hobby, or you thought it was the cool social media thing to do. Either way, you want to be good at it. Your friends and family will tell you it’s an awesome blog because they have to. Your haters will be a bit more vocal and actually tell it like … continue reading »

Top-5 Social Media Management Features for Agencies


When agencies work on behalf of brands, they face the same challenges as individual brands – reputation management, crisis mitigation, and other social marketing hurdles. However, they do so on a much larger scale because they are entrusted with managing tens, even hundreds of brands. Social media management (SMM) agencies need access to features such as bulk-uploading, managing multiple accounts, and more. And because agencies represent such a large portion of the Viralheat customer base, we thought we’d provide a … continue reading »

The Top 4 WordPress Plugins You Should Use


December 16, 2013
Blogging, Guest Authors, Social Media, Technology

Lately, WordPress has become extremely popular social network. For beginners, it is a blogging tool but it can also has the capabilities to be used for creating websites due to its detailed content-management system. WordPress provides a template system where websites and blogs can be easily created. Its other features are based on MySQL and PHP and are very convenient for programmers, web designers and other people who have a deeper knowledge in this field. Currently, about 19% of the … continue reading »

5 Crucial Tactics for Marketing a Start-up with Minimal Budget


The majority of new businesses fail within the first two years – fact. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, but one of the biggest is the constant tug-o-war between cash flow and marketing.  Marketing is notoriously expensive and when your business is a start-up, you might not have the funds to drive your marketing effort forward. Fortunately, there are marketing tactics that won’t get you into financial trouble. Here are some marketing efforts that wont break the … continue reading »

How To Get More Social Shares – Like The Pro’s Do


I’ve had the problem, too.  In fact, we all have at some time or another.  We start a blog, start producing content, and put in an incredible about of time… then what happens? Nobody shares our content! It can be incredibly demotivating and almost seems like some sort of forbidden fruit.  But, today I have a ray of hope for you.  I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m going to help you get … continue reading »

How to Grow Your Audience Through Social Media


Some businesses have an engaged and captive audience and, as a result, a thriving social media presence. Yet there are still many companies who don’t, especially in the B2B industry. Thankfully social media gives B2B bloggers, writers, and industry experts the tools to help boost interest in their brand. The truly difficult aspect of social media is knowing how to use the various platforms to target different audiences. Here are some methods to gain viewership across the different social networks. … continue reading »

Why Your Blog Audience Isn’t Growing


October 2, 2013
Blogging, How To, Social Media

Frustrated with your blog’s lack of growth? It could be you. Many bloggers make typical mistakes that dwarf their potential for growth—and you might be one of them. Want to know if that’s the case? Here’s a look at some of the key reasons blog audiences don’t grow. Hold your site up to these tests, and find out how you’re sabotaging your own blog growth, without even realizing it. 1. It’s Bland. Look, the world is filled with blogs—so if … continue reading »

How Blogging Boosts Your Brand and Increases Sales


September 30, 2013
Blogging, Social Media

With nearly 50 percent of the world’s Internet users connecting on Facebook, Business 2 Community reports, it’s no secret social media plays a big part in today’s networking game. And it’s not just for young ‘uns anymore. In 2013, users ages 55 to 64 more than doubled on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. With a rise in new users, social media and blogs now offer businesses new opportunities to promote and define their image. Read on to learn how industry leaders … continue reading »

Viralheat Blogathon August 1, 2013

Blogathon Banner

June 20, 2013
Blogging, Current Events, Social Media

Mark your calendars! On August 1st, 2013 Viralheat will host out first ever Blogathon and you’re invited to participate! The event which is modeled after the popular hackathons will bring together Community Managers, Bloggers, Social Media Managers, and Marketers for an evening of friendly competition and educational presentations. The judges and speakers joining us for the evening are experts in the field and represent some of the biggest names in the Bay Area include San Francisco State University, VentureBeat, Google, … continue reading »