How Big Data is Working to Fight Disease


April 5, 2014
Big Data

The more people understand what big data is and what it can do, the more they understand it’s not just a hype word or a buzzword in the tech industry. It’s a real problem-solver for the world’s most pressing issues, one of which is disease control and prevention. Together with social media, big data is putting together a powerful disease-fighting scheme here in the United States and across the globe that is saving lives. With services that support Hadoop in … continue reading »

How Social Media and Big Data Improve Emergency Relief


March 5, 2014
Big Data, Social Media

Large-scale emergencies and natural disasters are by nature chaotic. Relief efforts must rely on past experience, information available about the situation and, ultimately, a lot of guess work in order to rescue those in danger, supply food and water, and restore the necessary infrastructure. In order to improve response times and better focus rescue efforts where they are needed most, emergency responders have started turning to social media and other forms of big data to gain a better picture of … continue reading »

How Big Data & Social Made House of Cards a Hit


February 28, 2014
Big Data, Events, Marketing, People

Have you caught up on the newest season of House of Cards? No? Well what are you waiting for? Go watch it right now, it’s all on Netflix- and it’s great. All caught up? Good. For those who won’t bother watching- one of the most popular television shows out now, House of Cards, combines immediacy, amazing writing and actors, and big data to create a truly amazing television experience. Indeed, this perfect formula for a TV show is just that- … continue reading »

How Gaga, Netflix and Late Night Comedy Keep their Fans Hooked


February 19, 2014
Big Data, Marketing, People, Social Media

What does it take to succeed in the entertainment world? Charisma? Generally. Good Looks? Frequently. Talent? Not always, unfortunately. Big data? If you’re surprised to see the latest IT buzzword connected to an article about artists and comedians, then you’ll also be surprised to hear that data analytics is slowly taking over the entertainment industry. While artists and movie producers may be wary of turning over their creative process to a computer, some are actively using big data to hone … continue reading »

How Big Data is Bringing the Elite Fashion Industry to the People


December 12, 2013
Big Data

Fashion has always been an industry ruled by the elite. A select group of designers and editors use a mix of creativity, gut feelings and a general knowledge of popular colors and patterns to create the next season’s line, and the rest of us largely accept whatever their suggested fashion trends happen to be. As we all know, this system is full of flaws. A quick look at the clearance rack will show us all of the trends that failed … continue reading »

The Future of Retail: Big Data and Social Media Pave the Way


October 28, 2013
Big Data, Case Study, Social Media

The retail landscape is changing at a fast pace. More and more consumers are shopping online rather than going to brick and mortar stores, and often that online shopping is happening on a mobile device rather than a typical desktop or laptop computer. With so much power in the hands of the consumer to find the best value from hundreds of retailers with the click of a button, retailers are having to turn away from the mass production, mass advertising, … continue reading »

5 Steps to Better Big Data Insights


October 16, 2013
Big Data, How To

Most businesses are still in the experimental stage with big data. They are testing out platforms like Hadoop and analyzing how big data can fit into their overall business strategy. Of course, the main reason these businesses have adopted big data in the first place is to derive valuable business insights from them. Unfortunately, many have found this difficult. To address this issue, here are five steps to starting to get real value from big data. 1. Make Analysis a … continue reading »

Why Cloud Computing is a Marketer’s Dream Come True

Cloud computing

September 25, 2013
Big Data, Cloud Computing, Marketing, Social Media

Cloud computing offers huge possibilities to companies in terms of scalability and cost-savings. However, the department that should really be excited about all of the possibilities cloud computing has to offer is marketing. As marketing has moved online with social media, marketers have found themselves increasingly dependent on the IT department to help them access and run the tools they need. The problem is that many businesses are unable to provide the data space and advance applications marketers are looking … continue reading »

A Powerful Combo: Big Data and the Cloud


September 6, 2013
Big Data, Marketing

Just as the duo of Jobs and Wozniak forever changed computing, big data and the cloud are coming together in ways that are changing the world. From helping cities conserve energy and reduce crime, to aiding in the discovery of new disease-curing drugs, to predicting world weather patterns more accurately, the list of potential benefits of big data analytics in the cloud seems endless. What follows is a look at why these two technologies make such a powerful combination. Big … continue reading »

5 Ways Big Data Improves Customer Retention


August 5, 2013
Big Data

A lot has been said about Big Data’s potential to affect the way marketing is done. One question that hasn’t been getting a lot of press, however, is how Big Data can help improve customer retention. In such a volatile market where the consumer is king, keeping consumers loyal to a brand is difficult. One bad experience, a change in price, or a new, colorful brand can send consumers off in another direction without a glance back. Some companies have … continue reading »