Is Google+ right for your business?

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February 7, 2012
Social Media

There was a lot of excitement late last year when Google+ announced the ability to create brand pages. Early adopters, like Pepsi, Macy’s, and Toyota, were first on the bandwagon to create yet another hub for eager fans to follow and participate while the rest of us waited for access. However, unlike any other social network, is Google+ and their brand pages, a smart move for business owners?

Since Google+ is built on an SEO engine, a brand page should interest you just to get a boost in SEO to your website and other social media networks. Once you create a brand page, you can add a “+1″ button on your site and that same button is also now found within the search engine creating a powerful tool that moves your site higher within the ranks of Google.  While there is no way to update your page from dashboards, like Hootsuite (unless you’re an Enterprise member), you will have to remind yourself to consistently throw some content up there to keep it ranking.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ allows you to host a hangout. This is a great way to engage with fans, get feedback about products you might be testing or are currently on the market, and keep in touch. You can also host meetings with team members and show consumers that you’re an interactive brand that is willing to listen to their view points. Just recently, the White House and President Obama (whose campaign has been fueled by social media) held a Google+ hangout. He fielded questions selected from over 130,000 submissions and the lucky 5 that got to hangout with him live.  To date, the White House has been dubbed the most user-friendly in history. The game changing event proves that there is a paradigm shift in the way we communicate. If the President can interact live, why can’t your business do the same?

Since Google+ is still relatively new, having a brand page allows you to connect with a core group of early adopters. You can create circles for different audiences and segment/share content that is relevant to each circle so that your brand stays focused. Since it’s still so new, it’s easier to get people to circle you back vs collecting followers on Twitter or “likers” on Facebook. People are eager to gravitate to a newer platform which gives you an edge above your competition.

Is your business using Google+? Why or why not? We would like to hear your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “Is Google+ right for your business?

  1. I have read elsewhere that those of us who are on Google + and follow trends like this have a skewed idea of who is using it – that in real life, most people under 30 have not heard of it, or if they have, are not using it. Is that true? Who knows? I have my own page out there just in case!

    It might be worth putting a page out there if you know your target audience is there, or is likely to be there. The big brands have so much skin in other games that can motivate users to buy their products, I would love to know how they can quantify how much benefit they receive from being on Google +.

  2. Great post. I enjoy using google+. It will be great when the activity is recognized on Empire Avenue and Klout!!

  3. DrDeadline says:

    Like many, I’m finding more and more reasons/ways to integrate G+ into my daily social routine. I haven’t branched out to create a brand page yet, but am coming closer to seeing how it will benefit me in the long run.

  4. Max M. says:

    I’m way behind on this, so it’s always interesting to read how businesses are using it.

  5. I make sure that all of the brands I work with are on Google+. Even though it is still in early stages it has a very broad net and it is a link friendly site, which is helpful to businesses that utilize a blogging platform.

  6. Dima says:

    You might well be right Paul. But Google haven’t tenurd on a sixpence here. That corporate personality has been swinging towards social for a while now, and the whole Google monster is now pointed in that direction, with all its millions of legs lined up.Algo-wise think how many small businesses use Facebook. If they find out Plus can help them online, they’ll adopt it. And tell their friends about this new social network they’ve found. It does seem a bit arse-about-face, but it’s going to generate interest.As for Quora it’s not in the public consciousness the same way that Google is. And, frankly, it’s a terrible website.

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