What Viralheat Does:


With Viralheat’s comprehensive tool you can monitor the conversations about your brand across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, Yelp, Glassdoor, and many more. Create Smart Streams for your social channels and identify trends to drive insights around your social media performance.



Convert data into action. Review trends, obtain key insights, and make informed decisions to maximize your social ROI. Identify and grow your audience to increase revenue. Viralheat crunches thousands of data points across the social web in real-time to provide thorough measurement and metrics for you and your business.



Viralheat’s content marketing function helps you source relevant content, manage workflow, and curate engaging content. Audience identification let’s you address your target audience with the right content. The Viralheat platform amplifies the content, extending reach and engagement across social channels for optimal promotion.


Brands That Use Viralheat

Whether you are an agency, brand, product, or service- Viralheat delivers.
Appia / Mobile

Appia’s marketing team used Viralheat to research competitor wins and fails, sentiment around the developer space, as well as terms and advertising methods that were resonating in their target conversation threads. Prior to launching the product, the marketing team applied data gleaned from social media research to use in their marketing automation campaigns. Using marketing automation, Appia’s team was able to turn their social insights into targeted marketing programs.

From welcome programs and site activation to nurture and support, Appia used the social insights from Viralheat and extensive marketing automation campaigns to produce and launch their product. As a result of their efforts, Appia’s launch has produced more than 1800 new self-service publishers in the first 7 months.

1800 new self-service publishers in the first 7 months.
Mobisquad / Agency

Viralheat’s user friendly and comprehensive platform offered MobiSquad a solution for each of it’s clients. It improved the quality of MobiSquad’s services by providing brand monitoring and lead generation capabilities. Viralheat even went beyond the norm to create unique features that made the team more efficient and effective.

The bulk publishing functionality of the Viralheat platform greatly increased efficiency giving the MobiSquad team more time to concentrate on brand monitoring and lead generation. By pairing the analytical data from the Viralheat platform with MobiSquad’s extensive field level research, MobiSquad has established a set of local business best practices that generate positive results.

400+ Social media account managed via Viralheat.
Deutsche Telekom / Telecom

Viralheat’s powerful monitoring feature enabled DT-HBS to monitor conversations across multiple social media platforms, blogs, and websites. As a result, DT-HBS was able to evaluate its competition and meet its customers’ needs through an overall picture of the telecommunications market provided by Viraheat’s data. The Viralheat solution also helped keep DT-HBS abreast on negative reviews of its service and product.

This monitoring allowed DT-HBS access to real-time conversations about the telecommunications market across social media and the web. The solution also allowed DT-HBS to engage directly with key influencers and customers to participate in shaping the DT-HBS brand. This led to a greater understanding of the market, customers, and influencers, so that DT-HBS could analyze and develop a targeted solution for a customized go-to-market plan.

500 New business customers from social media efforts with Viralheat
Variety / Entertainment

Viralheat’s powerful monitoring and analytics features crawls the social web to identify relevant conversations across the biggest social media platforms, blogs, and websites. As a result, Viralheat provides Vscore’s database with accurate, real-time social data about each actor, including: overall sentiment, popularity by volume of mentions, top influencers, most shared content, and more.

Variety Insight easily integrates social data for thousands of actors and actresses into their site and database. Casting agents from around the world can access Variety’s Vscore to view sentiment and popularity data around today’s top celebrities.

#1 Chosen as ‘Best of Breed’ against 15 other social listening companies.
Men’s Wearhouse / Retail

Using Viralheat’s monitoring feature to view mentions of its brand and promotions enabled Men’s Wearhouse’s marketing teams to remain agile and engage with its community. Marketing teams tracked keywords, such as tuxedo, to understand what consumers and competitors post on social media about the topic.

Since implementing Viralheat and focusing on its social media efforts across multiple channels, Men’s Wearhouse has grown its social following to over 400,000 fans. It is now ranked No. 247 in the Social Media 300, and its social media presence drives 2.11% of all traffic to MensWearhouse.com.

100X Increased social media fan base from 4,000 followers to 400,000 followers.
Yamaha / Customer Service

Yamaha teamed up with Viralheat’s enterprise social media management platform to increase the amount and quality of engagement with existing and potential customers. Yamaha’s boat motor division saw an increase in contact on social media networks from their customers who were having issues with their boat motors. Rather than having the customer support team act as middlemen between the customer and mechanic with the chance of technical terminology getting lost in translation, Yamaha turned to Viralheat to help address the issue.

Viralheat was the only solution that offered all the social tools Yamaha was looking for, particularly team management with a user interface (UI) so intuitive and easy-to-use that Yamaha felt comfortable bringing on their mechanics

Easy intuitive interface empowered Yamaha’s social team.
Trustradius & G2 Crowd / Reviews
Viralheat Named Top Rated Enterprise Social Media Management Platform 2015 by TrustRadius. Viralheat received top scores for its analytics and reporting capabilities, its’ comprehensive social media and content marketing platform, as well as its usability and customer support.
Viralheat has won two “Best of 2014” Awards for Customer Support and Ease of Use by G2 Crowd, the world’s leading independent software review platform. Vendors from a data set of more than 22,000 reviews were evaluated to determine the top-rated products based on survey criteria defined by G2 Crowd.
Best Voted Best of 2014 by G2 Crowd and TrustRadius
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We started Viralheat in 2011 with the prescient belief that social media would ultimately be a massive opportunity to apply big data science. The meteoric rise of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more has proven their hypothesis right. Today, more than 2 billion people around the world are active users on social platforms, and the vast torrent of tweets, posts, and images they generate represents both a huge data challenge and opportunity for brands.

Viralheat was…

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